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Samp car ownership

Samp car ownership

Name: Samp car ownership

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Hi, I Was Searching For Car Ownership TUT/FS That Have Those Feature: (1) Create Buyable Vehicle (2)Sell Car (3)Plate Car And Save It. Info In this filterscipt you can buy vehicle and when u buy it vehicle will be spawn. You go to place for buying cars and type /buycar and then. So I want to make a car system for my server! I dont want tutorials or filterscripts, I want to do it by my self, after all my gm I started it from a.

Key owners can't use that features. * Sell Vehicle To Someone Else You can sell your vehicle to someone else or the car dealer. Just choose. Car Ownership by zxc1 using INI Alright then, I'm zxc1 and I'm publishing now my Car Ownership using INI. Basic Info: 1. Max player car slots. Hi, I Saw That On forum there aren't very much cars ownerships systems, so i created one:P It Doesn't Creates Bugs:P.

Vehicle Ownership system Scripting Help. [FilterScript] Hunterhicle Car Vehicle Ownership System, fbi-hunter, Filterscripts, 27, 23/12/ Features - Saved Vehicle System - Sell Vehicle To Server - GPS System to locate your car (thanks to Fj0rtizFredde) - Sell Vehicle To Players. i suggest you to Use AVS (Advanced Vehicle Ownership) but better to make your own car ownership system (


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