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Hyouge mono

Hyouge mono

Name: Hyouge mono

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Hyōge Mono is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Yamada. It won an Excellence prize for manga at the 13th Japan Media Arts Festival and. The story is set during Japan's Sengoku Jidai (Era of the Warring States) and centers on Furuta Sasuke, a vassal of the great warlord Oda Nobunaga and a man obsessed with tea ceremony and material desires in his pursuit of a fortuitous life. Having learned from Oda and the. Hyouge Mono Poster. The Sengoku Period (Period of Warring States). Sasuke Furuta, he was a vassal of Nobunaga Oda, and was fascinated with the world of.

It was the Sengoku-era, when the warlords usurped each other. There was a man whose soul was overtaken by the ways of tea and material greed, as he. [ adapted from Hyouge Mono - Tea for Universe, Tea for Life (manga) ]. Alternative Hyouge Mono Creator Yamada Distanced From TV Anime (Jun 16, ). Hyouge Mono is one of the Spring anime series. Based on the manga by Yoshihiro Yamada, In the age of civil war, when the shadow of Nobunaga Oda.

An English translation of the manga Hyouge Mono. All characters on the show are based on historical figures. Furuta Sasuke is in fact Furuta Oribe but he will only change his name later in life.


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